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“Custom metal fabrication has a wide range of uses and opens up
a variety if possibilities for construction, machinery, and decor purposes.”
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Metal fabrication is a process by which metal is cut, re-shaped, and re-worked in order to suit a variety of needs. Metal fabrication may be completed by a metal fabricator for a variety of reasons, including manufacturing parts to a design, pieces of machinery, doors, beams, or other metal products.

Custom metal fabrication involves the creation of custom metal pieces for a specific individual, project, or process. In such instances, a metal fabricator works with the individual in charge of the custom product to create designs that will fit the specific needs of the project. Once these pieces are designed, the metal is fabricated accordingly. In some instances a metal fabricator who is working on a custom project will be being given the opportunity to work in an industry that is different than what they typically do. For example, a metal fabricator who typically makes car parts could instead be tasked with creating the parts for a metal structure.

Typically the way the custom metal fabrication process works is:
1) The will-be client, the party who needs custom metal fabricated for them, will approach a metal fabricator
2) The client explains their needs to the fabricator
3) The fabricator makes a determination of whether or not his or her company is prepared to take on the custom project, based on project scope and capability
4) If the fabricator feels that the project would be a good fit for the company, he or she will draw up a custom quote for the client. This quote will include information on how much the project will cost and what type of timeline the client can expect.

The level of involvement of the fabricator in the design process depends on the individual project itself. In some cases the fabricator may act as a consultant or designer, working with the client to create pieces that will achieve a desired effect or will perform a particular purpose. In other cases the client will have worked with a designer or architect prior to going to the fabricator, or he or she will be a designer him or herself.

A common use for custom fabricated metal is in buildings and construction, where often a pre-designed piece will not fit the size, style, or needs of a particular building or space within a building. Common projects might include beams, facades, staircases, railings, or walls. However, custom fabrication can be done on a smaller scale, as well. Many custom fabrication projects are for the creation and manufacturing of pieces for machinery. These small metal parts need to be made to very intricate specifications which, like bigger pieces, may either be designed by the fabricator or the fabricator can work with designs from a designer or engineer.

Custom metal fabrication has a wide range of uses and opens up a variety if possibilities for construction, machinery, and decor purposes. To find out what your custom metal project would entail, contact a metal fabricator and ask for a detailed quote as to their availability, services, turnaround, and cost.
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