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“an architectural window is meant to have a high level of visual detail
and is a good fit for a home that is of historical or old construction.”
Architectural Windows
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Reader Question:
I’m in the process of remodeling my house, and I’ve noticed the term “architectural window” thrown around a lot. What is an architectural window? How is it different from other windows I would be able to purchase as part of my remodel?

This is a great question, and it’s one we get a lot. The term “architectural” means that the window was created with a particular level of detail and care. Typically, it also means that the window was created to mimic a historical style used in major forms of architecture. Therefore, an architectural window is meant to have a high level of visual detail and is a good fit for a home that is of historical or old construction. The type of window that an architectural window is often being compared to is referred to as “contractor grade”. Contractor grade windows are more widely available, common, less-specific looking windows.

Though an architectural window will give you the high-end appearance that you might want for a historic or otherwise classic looking home, it will be a newly manufactured window. Therefore, it will have certain qualities to it that could be considered very good. Such as:

Energy Efficiency:
Windows that are being produced today - particularly those that fall under the category of architectural windows - are made to be superior to lower grade windows. Therefore, in most cases, the latest technologies in energy efficiency will be being used in architectural windows.

Quality Materials:

Typically, architectural windows are made of superior quality materials such as extruded aluminum, fiberglass, or real solid wood.

Though architectural windows are sound in their construction and are made with all of the best specifications, the truly alluring part of these windows is their attention to detail when it comes to style. If you have a very specific look that you’re trying achieve with your windows, an architectural window will have been made specifically to create a breathtaking appearance.

Design Flexibility:
Architectural windows are typically manufactured by architectural window specialists, which means that you have a greater chance of being able to have a designer work with you in creating a design that is going to most closely fit your needs. If you purchase contractor grade windows, such as what is available at your local home renovation store, you will not be able to customize the design to directly fit your needs.

If you are considering using architectural windows for your home, it’s recommended that you work with a specialist who can coach you on the types of styles, materials, colors, and sizes that are available to you for your project. Working directly with an architectural metal and glass company will give you the opportunity to speak to a designer about not only what’s available, but also what’s possible. Many architectural metal and glass firms are happy to take on custom work where needed and will be happy to work with you on creating something that’s specific to your needs.
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