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“Iron balusters, like iron fences and gates, are considered
a highly fashionable choice for a residence, business, or public space.”
Iron Balusters
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A baluster is a structure that is used to support a railing on a balcony or stairway. The railing rests atop a series of balusters. Balusters can be constructed of wood, concrete, or iron. In this article, we will look closely at iron balusters and the value they add to a support system for the interior or exterior of a building.

Iron balusters, like iron fences and gates, are considered a highly fashionable choice for a residence, business, or public space. Iron has the appeal of timelessness, as an iron piece will stand the test of time and therefore could be brand new or centuries old. Iron also has the reputation of being on the higher end of the pricing scale, and therefore adding iron to a space automatically gives the space a feeling of quality, endurance, and richness.

Iron balusters are common in a variety of spaces:

Iron balusters are often used in gardens to create a walkway. Iron balusters in the garden often give the walkway of the garden a formal feel, due to the richness of ironworking in general. Balusters and railings placed along a walkway assist in creating a rich feeling across the garden while also keeping pedestrians off of the flowering garden itself, which is of benefit to landscapers. Depending on the height of the balusters, this can also provide a nice leaning space for the visitors of the garden. If a railing is at least four feet high, it is considered a leaning spot.

Iron balusters are commonly used on balconies in both small and large spaces, indoor and outdoor. Thin iron balusters are placed in a series to support a handrail atop a balcony or landing. Iron is an incredibly secure material, and iron balusters work to ensure that the balcony is sound and can be used safely by anyone who inhabits the space.

Regardless of where they are being used, iron balusters can add a great deal of decorative panache to a space. If for example wood balusters are used, carving limits the intricacy of design that can be utilized. Iron, conversely, can be bent, twisted, or sculpted to make intricate and interesting designs. Having a baluster that is highly designed and beautiful helps to create an overall atmosphere that is high-end.

Iron balusters require little to no maintenance over time, and therefore a great long-term investment for most homes, businesses, and in particular, public spaces. Iron balusters are also fairly easy to replace should one need replacing for some reason.

So, as you now understand, iron balusters are both functional and decorative. When it comes to adding a level of elegance and timelessness to a garden, outdoor space, indoor space, balcony, or other area where balusters would be an appropriate structure, iron balusters are an absolute sure bet.

If you’re considering adding iron balusters to your space, contact a custom metal specialist to discuss cost, timeline, and what type of design will work best for what you’re trying to achieve.
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