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“Mild iron is actually stronger than pure iron, and therefore is not as malleable.” Iron Gates
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What are iron gates?
An iron gate is a gate made of iron that wraps around a property or is situated at the front of a property. Iron gates are considered luxurious and are seen to give an appealing appearance to residences and public buildings. Iron gates are thought of as timeless, classic, and elegant.

Do iron gates have a function?
Beyond adding intricacy and richness to the exterior appearance of a home, iron gates also serve as a means of keeping unwanted visitors off of a property. Most gates can lock when necessary and can also be opened wide in order to welcome guests when desired.

Many iron gates have electronic functions to them, allowing for a property owner or manager to open and close a gate with the use of an intercom or another security method. Electronic or not, iron gates are considered great for security as they are nearly impenetrable depending on their design.

Who designs and creates iron gates?
Blacksmiths and custom metal forgers design and create metal gates. Metal gates come in a variety of designs, which range in levels of intricacy. Some iron gates have decorative wrought iron designs, while others simply employ straight solid iron bars. Many designs combine these two concepts, using intricate design at the entranceway of the gate while allowing the perimeter of the property to be outlined in a simpler, more straightforward gate.

Silhouetting is another form of iron gate design. In this case, a sheet of iron with a design incorporated into it is part of the gate. These sheets are created using aluminum and steel plates. Silhouetting is a popular option for those who want a custom design or a family or company name worked into an iron gate.

What type of design elements are used on iron gates?
Iron gates often include embellishments such as:

Are iron gates expensive?
Adding an iron gate to a property does require a firm investment. Because iron gates are often forged by hand, the costs of creating an iron gate - particularly one with an intricate design - can be high. The process essentially involves the blacksmith putting an iron rod into a fire until it becomes malleable. Once the iron is red hot and malleable, the blacksmith shapes the metal into the design of the gate.

At times, a hand forger may purchase pre-decorated rods, which can offset the costs a bit. Factory gates can be more budget-friendly but are still considered relatively expensive.

What are iron gates made out of?
Surprisingly, not all iron gates are made out of pure iron. Most gates that are producers in a factory, for example, are made of a metal compound called mild steel. Mild steel is comprised of carbon and iron. Mild iron is actually stronger than pure iron, and therefore is not as malleable. Some gates are also made of aluminum that is then fashioned to look like iron. This is a less expensive option than pure iron or milk steel.
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