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“here is evidence that adding skylights to the home can even improve your health.”
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Because of the beautiful natural sunlight that they allow into the home, skylights are becoming increasingly popular in homes across the United States as of late. Skylights offer a host of benefits in many areas of life and home, including health, lighting, and energy consumption.

There is evidence that adding skylights to the home can even improve your health. Natural sunlight assists in regulating the body’s circadian rhythm. This means that you are able to establish a better sleep cycle when you’re exposed regularly to natural light. Natural light also helps to deter from the seasonal depression that many people face in the winter due to a lack of sunlight. Skylights literally allow you to draw the resources available outside into the home, which puts you more in touch with natural light and therefore with a natural balance. It’s possible that we were never meant to be away from the sun as much as our houses and other buildings allow us to be, and skylights work to lessen that gap.

Beyond the health benefits, skylights add appearance benefits to the home, as well. In many homes large but beautiful trees block a lot of natural sunlight, particularly in the summer months when trees are in bloom. Trees do not tend to block the natural sunlight that comes from a skylight, since skylights are situated atop a home and are generally unhindered by trees. Therefore, even the rooms that are currently the darkest have the potential to become much brighter with the addition of skylights.

Natural light is also very environmentally – and budget – friendly. During the daytime in both winter and summer, skylights take away the need for lamps and overhead lights. Light entering the home can also add heat to the space, cutting down on the amount of heat you need to supply in those long winter months. The energy savings that you skylights can help you discover both by way of heat and electricity for lamps or overhead lights can really make a difference.

Many homeowners who want to be greener with their home practices are flocking to skylights due to the benefits discussed thus far. The green movement is all about lessening the impact of humans on the environment. By decreasing energy consumption by creating heat and lighting within the home, the skylight is a big friend to such practices.

For their atmospheric, health, and energy consumption benefits, skylights are marvelous additions to the home both by way of design and by way of practicality. Skylights are a favorite of homeowners, and therefore, they can also add value to your home. Many would-be homebuyers look for the health, lighting, and energy benefits that skylights provide. And because skylights do not decrease privacy in the home at all, there is virtually no drawback to their presence. Adding skylights to any or all of the rooms in your home can bring you innumerable benefits and, ultimately, may drive up the selling price of your home.

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