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“Textured decorative glass offers layers of intrigue to a space
while remaining fairly neutral and functional.”
Decorative Glass
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The decorative glass industry has made many strides in the past five years, with new trends constantly emerging as technology and styles continue to advance. Some of the most exciting trends that have taken hold of the decorative glass industry include color, texture, and the incorporation of digital imagery.

Trends in decorative glass go hand in hand with trends in design. In recent years, color has become increasingly popular in design for buildings, public spaces, office spaces, and other areas where decorative glass is common. Thus, a need for glass that is infused with color has emerged.

Back-painted glass is is one popular method for achieving color in glass. Back-painted glass has excellent aversion to weathering because the color is actually contained behind the glass. Back-painted glass offers a wide range of customization offerings, which mean that it’s possible to use this type of colorful glass in a variety of spaces. In addition to being highly customizable and resistant to weathering, back-painted glass is also very easy to maintain.

In today’s market, a balance between modern and timeless has the hold on the design industry. Texture has emerged as a signature method for customization of a space with decorative glass. Textured decorative glass offers layers of intrigue to a space while remaining fairly neutral and functional. 3D patterns, for example, because they are shaped differently at different points, tend to distort light as it passes through glass, creating an interesting visual. However, textured glasses do allow light to pass through, making this product an excellent option for a space where natural light is to be embraced while there is still a desire for something interesting by way of design.

Texture also has the capability to allow for privacy within a space while allowing light to pass through. Textured glass that has a level of visual obstruction is perfect for an office space where there may not be too many windows, where privacy needs to be maintained, and where despite walls, doors, and glass windows between spaces, people are working relatively close to one another.

Incorporation of Digital Imagery
As technology has advanced, so has the incorporation of digital imagery onto decorative architectural glass. In the past decade, a variety of advanced methods for using customized digital imagery on glass have emerged. It is now possible to print high-quality images onto glass, making virtually any digitally designed customization possible. Various companies offer such services in a range of quality, going from 720 DPI all the way up to 1440 DPI. In addition, screen printing onto glass is a popular method for infusing glass with brilliant imagery.

In addition to the exciting methods above, designers are also using trends such as custom lamination for glass, glass flooring, and switchable glass to achieve advanced designs using glass. These new design trends are taking architectural decorative glass to places it’s never been before, creating breathtaking results in a wide range of types of spaces.
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