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“Window bars, also called window guards,
are intended to prevent anyone from falling from a window that is high up.”
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Those who live in and around New York City know that it’s fairly common to see bars on the windows of apartment buildings. What many city dwellers are not aware of, however, are the rights of tenants and the responsibilities of landlords when it comes to these often unsightly - but quite necessary - window treatments.

Window bars, also called window guards, are intended to prevent anyone from falling from a window that is high up. Of course, they can also work to keep anyone from entering a space through a window. Window bars are considered a necessity in homes with children when the dwelling is located more than three stories above ground level. In fact, any landlord who has tenants with a child under the age of ten who lives above three stories is required to provide window guards on all of the apartment windows. Landlords are also required to have window guards on any hallway window.

Those who live above three stories but do not have children in their apartment can also request to have window guards installed on their windows, and the landlord needs to comply. This is of importance to those who, although children do not live in the space, may have children who frequently visit and could be in danger if they were to get too close to a window without window guards. You do not need to have children who visit to request window guards, though. Any resident who lives in an apartment that is more than three stories above ground level may request window guards. The request must be honored by the landlord, according to the law.

The exception to the rule that requires a landlord to provide window guards is if the window provides direct access to a fire escape. Access to a fire escape may not be blocked, and therefore if a window is the way out of an apartment, window guards will not be installed on that window.

In order to be deemed safe, the window guard that is to be installed on a wind must be approved for use on that particular type of window. Additionally, the window guard should have a manufacturer’s approval number on its side. Window guards should, if they are working and installed properly, prevent any object that is greater than five inches in diameter from passing through the window guard. If your window guard does not do this, it was not installed properly and it will require further attention from a professional.

With or without window guards, there are a few general safety rules that should be observed when it comes to windows. For example, furniture should not be placed near windows where a child could easily gain access to the window. Additionally, children shouldn’t be left unattended near a window, particularly an open window. Allowing children to play near windows, on fire escapes, or on balconies could increase the risk that an accident may occur. Accidents that involve falling from high heights are often fatal, so it is extremely important that safety precautions are taken.
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